Ultra Banners

A unique style of banner only sold by KryptonDesigns

Show off your server directly to your audience on server listing sites.

Cost: $20

I use a Texture Pack of your choice, a Shaders pack of your choice and can be created on your server or just a random Minecraft world.

Continuous Shot
Individual Shot

What I need from the customer:

  • The server IP that the banner wants to be created on.
  • Access to the /fly command. (preferably through a permission rather than an administrator giving it to me so I can quickly make changes)
  • The text that should be shown on the banner. (I recommend 4-5 bits of text)
  • Possibly a font they’d like to be used, and some ideas on the styling of the text (Outer rims, glowing edges, that kind of stuff)

Want one? Contact me on Skype!  – watermelon_nathan   <– My skype name

Please note that banners may not be able to fit under 350KB. Refunds will not be given if it doesn’t, but I will try my best to get it usable at that file size.