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  • Here are some general terms of service that I, Nathan (alias BasicWatermelon) and any other associates of KryptonDesigns operate on. You can also find general information about the website that might be useful. Any references to "BasicWatermelon / Melon" and other associates are to their respective name holders. Any reference to "We/Us" applies to all associates of KryptonDesigns. By ordering/purchasing an item, you agree to these terms and conditions. These conditions apply whether you have read them or not.

General Use of the Website and Services:

  • We have the right to block all access to the site ( if you abuse or mistreat the services we provide on this website, or us.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, please check with a parent or guardian before purchasing anything through this website or contacting us on Discord, Skype or any form of available communication we offer.

Server Banners - Template:

  • If the text on your purchased banner is incorrect, please contact us by replying to any of the sent confirmation emails from the website before your order is completed, stating what is wrong and what it needs to be changed to.
  • Text changes are offered on a banner you have already purchased for £0.75
  • We have the right to refuse to complete a template banner if the words entered are obscene, rude, racist, ect. We will refund the money and cancel the order.
  • Template banners will not always be completed in under 24 hours. We will notify you if it takes any longer due to sickness, unplanned and spontaneous events and anything that may cause it to take longer. You are not allowed to get a refund for your banner if it takes longer than 24 hours.
  • You are not allowed to resell a banner as part of a server package unless explicit permission is given by Nathan.
  • Once an order has been fulfilled and sent to the customer, the item is no longer refundable.
  • If text or images given are not able to be put on the banner (The text is too long or the server logo image is too small) they will be, respectively, shortened to an appropriate length or removed.

Server Banners - Custom:

  • Changes on custom banners are limited to 3 changes a month. Big changes to the overall design after the final purchase of the banner will cost a small fee of up to $10.
  • Refunds cannot be given after the final purchase of the banner.


  • Payments can be either done through Paypal or Shopify Pay, powered by Stripe.
  • You're not allowed to dispute the payment of an already completed and/or sent item. This includes everything sold by us. (On the site or through any form of communication)
  • Disputes will cause you to be permenently banned from purchasing items

Other Stuff:

  • We're allowed to post any items a customer has purchased from us, anywhere on the internet, without asking for permission from the customer.
  • We're allowed to cancel or deny any order at any time.
  • This page, KryptonDesigns' terms & privacy, can change at any time. Customers will not be notified directly, and any change will affect past, current and future customers.