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Interested in getting a Minecraft server banner or other animated project created? You can contact me on Discord: BasicWatermelon#5801 or on Skype: watermelon_nathan 

Order process


Design and price are discussed


$10 deposit paid and the banner is created


Finished work is previewed with watermark


You pay the rest and final version is sent


My pricing is based on the rate of $15 an hour, and I work around how much YOU can afford. If your budget is $60, I will work for up to 4 hours on the banner. A rough outline of my prices can be found below. Prices are rounded to the nearest $5 at the end of banner creation.


Static - $10-15 (Included free with a custom animated banner)

A non-animated banner




Flat 2D - $30-50

Ideal for businesses. Flat colours and backgrounds with lively animation for a more professional look




Extended 2D - $30-50

Simpler 3D layouts with depth. Perfect for a less effect dependant banner




3D style - $50+

The pinnacle of animation. Loads of effects and details for a completely unique banner that stands out from the rest




Infinity 3D - $70+

A cutting-edge and experimental new style that takes advantage of custom-made 3D assets


You can view my thread on MC-Market for more of my custom work.


Archived banner page containing more of my work: